Fees, Assessments and Appointments

Assessments and Appointments

All potential clients are invited to call or email to arrange an initial assessment. Both the initial assessment and appointments are fifty minutes in length.

The initial assessment allows you to determine whether counselling would be appropriate and ask any questions that they might have.

Counselling appointments are made on a weekly basis.


Clients are encouraged to get in touch for a free 30 minute telephone consultation.

  • Initial face to face assessment: £30
  • Counselling session fee: £50 per 50 minute session
  • Concessionary rates:
  • £40 Applicable to teachers members of the armed-forces (past or present) and front-line staff, i.e. nurses, fire-fighters and police officers.
  • £30 Applicable to students not in employment and those who are on Maternity Leave.

Clients are requested to provide at least 48 hours notice if unable to attend.

Any appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice or with non-attendance will still be charged at the full price of £50.

All other appointments will not be effected.

Red Maple Counselling takes payment via card, cash and cheques.